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An uplifting story at Christmas

Anthony Abel
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23 Dec 2016


Ten years ago my wife of 28 years and mother of my four children left me for another man. It shocked me to the core and if I'm honest after a my bout of clinical depression I became difficult to live with. After a messy divorce we still remained good friends. They say that if you can stay friends with a former partner you either didn't love them or still did, in my case it's the later. Three years prior to my diagnosis of MDS I was plagued by frequent sinus infections and then nosebleeds. My GP was negligent and ignored all of the warning signs so I saw a specialist privately and was diagnosed within a week. My ex was very supportive during this time. I'm ashamed to say I cut myself off from her and I was consumed with anger towards her, totally unreasonable behaviour on my part. Just over a week ago my daughter told me that my ex had been fast tracked for tests for cancer. This shocked me to the core an made me realise how irrational I have been. I immediately wanted to offer my support, she is the only woman I've ever loved, and still do. She has obviously moved on and doesn't feel the same about me anymore but she has been my best friend for many years and I want that back. With much trepidation I contacted her to apologise and make amends. This pleased her greatly and we now talk every day. I'm spending Christmas Day with with two of my daughters and my two grandchildren after many years of spending that day alone. I kidded myself that I liked that but it was horrible.

The moral of this story is keep your family close and your best friend even closer. For the first time in years I've got piece of mind now I'm no longer unreasonably angry.                  

There is a song for every feeling and the one that suits best to my situation is by The Kinks " Thank you for the days" every time I play it it brings a tear to my eye.

last week I completed two years of treatment with Azacitidine. Hopefully I will get some more time. I still feel well and positive which won't cure me but is valuable to my wellbeing.

I don't know if anyone will read this but I feel so good now I had to write it down.



Hi Anthony, thank you so much for sharing this honest and insightful blog. It sounds as though you've had a really tough time of it and had a huge amount to cope with. 

I'm so pleased to hear that you're feeling happier and more positive, and that you spent christmas with your daughters and grandchildren. I hope you had a fantastic time. It's also really good to hear that you and your ex are rebuilding your strong friendship, and that you can support and help each other. I can imagine that she hugely appreciated you getting in touch with her to support her through such a difficult time. 

If you ever need any additional support or information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support line. 

Thank you for all you do as a Bloodwise ambassador. I wish you a very positive and happy new year.


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