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VGC Group charity week will involve a series of fundraising activities

Caitlin Ashdown
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13 Jun 2014

Next week (starting on 16 June), staff at VGC Group’s head office will be running a series of activities to raise funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

On Monday 16 June, baking skills are put to the test with a competition and cake sale. Diets will go out of the window as each floor of the building competes to win the bottle of wine for the best cake. Chairman Sean Fitzpatrick insisted that his status at the company makes him the best possible judge for the competition. “It’s going to be hard tasting all those cakes,” he said bravely, “but I take my responsibilities very seriously, and I feel it would be unfair to delegate this difficult job.”

On Tuesday 17 June, there’s more for those with a sweet tooth. Visitors and staff alike are encouraged to guess how many sweets fill a large jar, and the winner gets the jar. Laurence McKidd, Managing Director, said: “I will be paying particular attention to the accuracy of the estimates submitted by our team of quantity surveyors!”

The staff football challenge takes place on Wednesday 18 June at the Middlesex Stadium. Five-a-side teams of footballers (each to include at least one female player) will battle it out to win the ‘VGC World Cup’. All the players as well as those cheering them on will enjoy a company barbeque afterwards.

A paddling pool in reception will be the location of ‘Hook-a-duck’ on Thursday 19 June. “VGC takes protective clothing very seriously, but we don’t usually expect to have to wear wet weather gear inside the office,” joked Group Services Director Ciara Pryce.

And on Friday 20 June staff are encouraged to pay £2 to come to work in their pyjamas (or fancy dress).

“While this is all a lot of fun, there is a serious side to it all,” said HR Manager Laura Edwards. “We have chosen Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as this year’s charity because we want to show support to a work colleague who is currently undergoing treatment. Over 30,000 people of all ages are diagnosed with  leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma every year, and we want to support them in working to give blood cancer patients the best possible chance of survival.”

A HUGE thank you to everyone at the VGC Group for their fantastic fundraising efforts - we can't wait to hear all about how the charity week goes. 

For more information on any of these events please contact Zena Wigram, Marketing and Communications Manager, VGC Group, on or 01895 671823.


Catriona Taylor

Thanks very much to VGC Group for this support, hope all goes really well next week. It sounds like there is some fantastic fundraising events taking place!


Sounds like the VCG group are going to be flat out this week! Some great ideas too - look forward to hearing updates on how they're getting on!

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