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Wallasea at the weekend

Trevor J
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18 Nov 2012

The end of my week off work and a final trip out on the bike. I woke up to a fantastic morning with bright sunshine, if a bit chilly, and after getting the gear ready I opted for a thirty mile trip.

Deciding on a destination I headed towards Wallasea Island and Essex Marina, which is one of my usual stop points, a nice place to take in the views for a few minutes while having a drink. It was an uneventful trip out and at fourteen miles to Wallasea very pleasant on a sunny Sunday morning, with little traffic to concern me, and once out in the country it was very peaceful.

Once at Wallasea I decided to take a look at the RSPB site. I had recently read about the project to transform this part of the Essex coast line and it is the biggest project of its kind in Europe. Take a look its great o see conservation on this scale.

It was a bit bleak out on the Island and in different weather I can imagine it being very hostile, not today though I was glad I took in the couple of miles with the birds singing and total isolation in the sun, perfect. Now pushing for home I had what wind there was in my face and the effort level was raised to maintain my fifteen miles an hour pace.

The miles seemed to be going past at some pace and before long I was on the final stretches to home. It felt great managing two trips without a puncture, at one point this week I was thinking I was cursed. Final stats for the week 126 miles at an average pace of 15 mph, a long way to go.

Roll on Paris.


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