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We made it with half a day to spare!

Wickes T
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25 Aug 2014

It's official - Wickes have just cycled around the world in less than 4 days!!!

At 2.00pm today, we completed our epic journey around the world!

HEROES one and all!!!

What an AMAZING achievement by our colleagues and customers. You should all feel immensely PROUD!

Keep going for the my rest of the day and let's see how much money we can raise!
Thank you all so much for making this such an incredible charity event.

A very humble Colin



Yippeeee Team Darlington 259 have had a fantastic 4 days so proud do take part in this fantastic event. Our customers and colleagues are amazing an early count shows we have raised £288.21 with some raffle sales ongoing. We can't wait to start to see the money raised per store.