Elusia McCallum
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Wedding Anniversary

Elusia McCallum
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26 Oct 2014

Today it's 4 years since I married the love of my life, Stewart. I feel blessed to have reached this day. Stewart has been such a support to me over the last year, which has truly helped my progress. Our motto is PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. This is what has kept us going throughout this ordeal and we know that when we have to face future battles this attitude will be instilled in us.


Ellie Dawes

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Elusia and Stewart! It is so important to have amazing supportive family and friends around you. 


Belated happy wedding anniversary, Eluisa! 

I hope you had a fantastic day with Stewart and that you're doing well currenlty. Great to hear that you're so positive about everything at the moment and are ready for the challenge whatever lies ahead!