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Week two

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28 Jun 2014

2nd week of trainingt completed. I bought a cheap bike computer and it tells me a lap of the local "lake" is 1 mile and it's just over 2 miles to get there so that's a ready-built training arena.

Today I did 10 laps ( = 16 miles!), 6 of them in the rain and my back's aching so tomorrow is my rest day

I feel very humbled by  the number of people sponsoring me and making such heart-felt comments.

Note to myself.... oil the chain before the next outing!




Hi Samo,

Sounds like both the training and the fundraising are going really well - keep up the good work! To give you some kind of perspective, every £100 raised will pay for the nurses needed for two patients to take part in one of our clinical trials. It'll also ensure that you get a free cycling jersey.

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