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Where You Money Goes..

Beckie W
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29 Aug 2014

Your donation could help a blood cancer patient in one of many ways..

£5 allows a newly diagnosed patient to receive a supply of our blood cancer information books
•£25 pays for one sample of DNA to be analysed using a micro array test, helping to identify genes linked to blood cancer
•£50 funds a PhD student for one day on one of our vital research projects building on a network of expert blood cancer scientists for the future
•£100 supports a research nurse for one day to help provide new treatments to blood cancer patients on one of our life-saving clinical trials
•£250 buys a week's worth of essential laboratory supplies used to conduct vital research to improve treatments
•£300 pays for a blood cancer patient’s DNA to be screened providing a more accurate diagnosis and helping to guide treatments
•£1,000 helps to buy sophisticated equipment needed to understand blood cancers

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