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Why am I riding 1100 miles in 14 days?

Chris R
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10 Jun 2014

Read on and find out why

Dad had a hard fight to face throughout his whole life, facing up to bullies as a youngster and overcoming physical and emotional pain throughout childhood and adulthood that most of us thankfully will never have to experience.

Luckily as kids he insulated us from all of that with as much love as any child could ever hope for. With mums help he taught us right from wrong, how to have fun, how to respect other people and good manners, but most of all he taught me how to be a man and a father. In the most true sense of the word my dad was a GREAT man, but unfortunately leukaemia was just one fight too many and the one that ultimately he lost.

Throughout all of his battles dad fought bravely, with dignity and without self pity, even in the very darkest of times.

This is why I'm riding 1100 miles in 14 days through 6 countries.

I'm riding to raise money to fight the disease that claimed him, we must beat blood cancer. It's also mostly just to say thanks to dad. I'll never get to tell you how grateful I am for the upbringing you gave me, but this is a good start. I miss you big man, it never stops hurting.



Your Dad sounds like an absolutely incredible person and you've clearly carried that on in taking on a challenge like this! What you're doing is INCREDIBLE and I wish you all the best with it all. How's the training gone and which bit are you most looking forward to (besides finishing of course!)


Hi Everyone on the magnificent cycle ride. Your Dad sounds like an amazing person.

I have just been told I have a 'blood disease' and awaiting a bone marrow biopsy on 18 June 2014.

I am so grateful to you and your team for all your hard work and fund raising I feel I have more friends who are helping me.

Good luck for a safe and happy cycling trip.

Kind regards.



Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Your Dad sounds like an incredible person who has clearly had a very positive influence on you. What you're doing is absolutely fantastic and he would certainly be very proud of you. As a blood cancer survivor myself I'm only here today because of people like you so hats off to you on taking on such a wonderful challenge to help others currently going through treatment.

Good luck with all the training and stay in touch.




Hi Andy. I'm looking forward to the first day of the ride. Sitting on my bike at the start with an epic adventure ahead of me. Night 2 should be pretty special because we're staying on the shore of a beautiful Austrian Lake. I'm also really looking forward to meeting up with my new fundraising friends team pop who are also fundraising for LLR and are going to put me up for a night in Munich!


Hi Michelle,

You're exactly the kind of person that we're all trying to help.

Good luck on the 18th. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

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