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Working with Step Up To Serve

Danny Redhead
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17 Nov 2014

To be an ambassador for the #iwill campaign is an honor

We are very pleased to announce that our branch is supporting the work of Step Up to Serve who are running the #iwill campaign. #iwill is a UK-wide campaign aiming to make involvement in social action (such as volunteering, fundraising or campaigning) the norm for 10-20 years across the UK by 2020. The #iwill campaign was launched in November 2013 thanks to the leadership of HRH The Prince of Wales and the UK's three main political parties. It aims to make involvement in social action the norm for 10-20 years across the UK by 2020.

I am overwhellemed that both myself and Rhiannon from our fundraising team are one of 50 selected #iwill Ambassadors for the campaign, having been selected as 'individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to social action.' This will involve us sharing their social action journey to inspire others to get involved from peers to organisations to show others the benefit of social action to the community.

On Monday 24 November Step Up To Serve are hosting their #iwill anniversary event at the Indigo at the O2 with lunch on the River Thames beforehand. Both myself and Rhiannon will be representing our branch at the event and sharing our experiences. The event will include around 300 leaders from business, education, voluntary and faith sectors along with all the #iwill Ambassadors.

As well as this in the lead up to the anniversary HRH The Prince of Wales will be doing a Google+ Hangout with six inspiring young people who will be talking about their social action, five of whom are #iwill Ambassadors. I am overwhellmed to be one of two ambassadors that will be attending a reception at Clarence House following the Google Hangout with HRH and the Step Up To Serve advisory council to share my experiences.

You can watch the Google Hangout and comment live on Google+ and YouTube via these links:
Google+: https://plus.google.com/events/c2m7bppgi91st94kmstunl0ja3c?authkey=CNb9-

We are thrilled to be working with Step Up To Serve to support this campaign. Both meslef and Rhiannon have created an #iwill pledge in support of the campaign:

Danny: “#iwill encourage more young people to volunteer in our community through the charity Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research”

Rhiannon: “#iwill not stop fundraising for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research until we see a cure for blood cancers, I also pledge to always support Anti-bullying charities who support those who are targeted by bullies.


Ellie Dawes

Congratulations Danny and Rhiannon! You are such fabulous ambassadors for the charity, we are all very proud to have you represent us in this great campaign. 


This is an absolutely marvellous campaign which will do so much really help to nurture a new generation of fundraisers and volunteers. Well done guys! #Wewill not stop until we've beaten blood cancer! 


Thank you both for your lovely comments and support!