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Yes, Believe What You're Seeing. The Big Lad's Going To Sweat!

Russ T
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11 Jul 2014

After many years of watching my better half complete events in aid of Cancer Research, I thought it was time for me to get of my arse and do my bit for charideee.

So, after much deliberating and putting to one side what I am unable/unwilling to do, for instance:

1. Movember - No chance, it would take me years to grow a 'tache. In fact I've had female relatives who can grow better facial hair than me.

2. Half Marathon/Marathon - I despise running, unless there's a pie in front of me or it's last orders.

3. Coffee Morning - I think I've made and eaten more than enough cake in my life, don't you?

4. Swimming - I'm afraid that there maybe a Japanese or Norwegian trawler in the area with a harpoon gun.

Which left cycling, which i've found that I really enjoy and I've taken my training so seriously that I've even started a paper round.

Now, I haven't known anyone who has had Blood Cancer or Leukaemia, although I have lost some of my nearest and dearest to different strains of Cancer and so I am well aware of how evil this disease is, and so please dig deep and help me raise money to beat it

Every quid is extremely appreciated...Thanks.

P.S..I won't be riding on the same tricycle..although I will be wearing the same outfit!




Sound reasoning Russ - welcome to our Unstoppable Bikeathon team! I hope all the training and fundraising is going well - here's a link to some fundraising tips that might come in handy:

If there's anything else we can do to help, please don't hesitate to get in touch,



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