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You couldn't make it up!

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31 Mar 2014

I'm up early on Sunday morning and off to cycle a forty mile race with some friends from the gym. Kim, a gym friend, said “Come along, Jess is leading it?”

“Oh Jess - great” I said, thinking that the ride wouldn’t be a problem as Jess (I assumed) was a girl from the gym. She is a nice girl – it shouldn’t be too taxing, I thought…

So imagine my face when Jess Varnish, Olympic 2012 Velodrome finalist, pitched up to take the ride with us!!

Well 40 miles following team Varnish was the highlight of my weekend, even if I was in the B team.
We averaged 17 miles per hour, with Jess doing about 25 miles per hour in the A team, but I did get to ride home with her and her dad Jim which topped off the day nicely.

Note to self: next time someone says we are riding out with Bradley I shall not assume its good old Bradley from reception!

Danny Breithaupt is the Managing Director of The Restaurant Group's Leisure Division, and will be taking on our London | Paris: Be Unstoppable cycling challenge in June 2014 to raise money to help beat blood cancer.

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