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Your Impact: Aisling MacCarthy

Suzanne Beattie
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Suzanne Beattie
24 Jan 2014

Aisling MacCarthy on supporting patients and nurses, improving safety and standards, and working with Bloodwise

Please introduce yourself – what’s your role?

I’m Aisling MacCarthy, I’m the Clinical Nurse Educator for haematology and oncology at St Barts Hospital. I’m responsible for looking after the educational needs of newly qualified nurses on our haematology and oncology wards as well as nurses that are new to the speciality.

What are your main responsibilities?

Making sure that all our nurses practice safe and effectively. I make sure that their skills and practice is up to date and do a lot of one to one teaching as well as group sessions. I will work with new nurses on the wards until they are confident with the speciality and feel happy to work alone.

Is there an aspect of your role that you really enjoy?

Yes, I enjoy that I still get to spend time with patients when I am working on the wards. The patients are one of the main reasons I love haematology so it would be a pity if I didn’t get to spend time with them anymore.

Why did you decide to do this role?

I felt that I wanted to expand my skills and take on a new challenge after 9 years of working clinically on the wards and thought that this role is the best of both worlds. The teaching aspect is also something I really enjoy as I get to share my love of haematology with others.

How does your work impact on patients?

My work is about improving safety and standards on our wards and I hope that by teaching and working with new nurses in haematology that this in turn gives patients a better experience.

How has engaging with us impacted on your work?

Working on the e-learning has made me think more about what newly qualified nurses need when it comes to starting working in haematology. It’s also been great to meet many other haematology nurses and share resources.


Thank you, Aisling, for sharing your experiences as a Clinical Educator for Oncology.

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