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Why I became a Bloodwise trustee

Angela Knowles
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07 Nov 2013

Alongside her fellow Calendar Girls, Angela has helped raise over £5 million to date for blood cancer research. She explains why she chose to become a trustee for the charity

Angela Knowles pictured at a Bloodwise event

I am Angela Knowles, and I'm very proud to be a trustee of Bloodwise.

I am 67 years and live in the Yorkshire Dales with my husband Charles, who is a retired Vicar. I am a retired Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

I have two children and four grandchildren ranging from 11 to 19 years.

I became involved with Bloodwise when my first husband, John, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in February 1998. My family and friends wanted to raise money to help John in his illness. John asked his consultant where the money raised should go to be most helpful for other people. She suggested Bloodwise (then known as Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research).

John died in July 1998. After his death, our friends wanted to raise more money in John’s name and to help other people who get one of the terrible blood related cancers. The Alternative WI Calendar was born.

We had no idea what would happen next. Thousands of calendars sold all over the world. A worldwide movie and stage show. Now the amateur dramatic productions all over the world are performing the stage show.

The original Calendar Girls

For my children and me the opportunity to raise money for Bloodwise has been extremely rewarding. I was very privileged to be made a trustee of Bloodwise, a charity that works extremely hard to help beat all blood cancers.

As a trustee you have a direct insight of how the money raised is allocated and invested, how hard the scientific researchers are working to find why people get these blood cancers and how best to help treat them. This is skilled and time-consuming work which is why our fundraising is so essential.

Being involved with Bloodwise for me has been a healing experience and I hope I will always be a good ambassador for this very worthwhile charity.

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