Hugo is surviving
blood cancer
thanks to research

Hugo's story

Hugo was just two when he started having problems walking. Over the next few weeks he became tired and pale. His glands swelled and he lost his appetite. After a number of tests, it was finally confirmed that Hugo had leukaemia.

The lives of Hugo’s family were turned upside down. The possibility of losing their son became very real as their normal, happy family life dissolved around them.

Hugo, now four, is in his third and final year of treatment. This gruelling regime of drugs has taken its toll on little Hugo. His mobility has been particularly affected and Hugo currently uses a wheelchair to get around.

An appeal to you from Hugo's mum

"My little boy owes his life to past research projects funded by Bloodwise.

"Hugo has a very serious, life-changing illness, but he’s still with us. Every day he makes me so proud of how he doesn’t let the harsh effects of his treatment stop him smiling or having fun.

"Every day in Britain, another family is told their child has blood cancer. Not all of them will survive. Please will you help Bloodwise fund research into a cure, and make treatment better for people with blood cancer?"

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