“Three years ago, blood cancer arrived
in time to ruin our Christmas”

In 2014, Jane started to feel very run down.

She couldn’t shake off a cold and got sinusitis. Her GP ordered a blood test and when the results came in, Jane was told to go to hospital immediately. 

Jane and her husband Mark knew it must be something serious, but didn’t for a moment think it might be blood cancer. 

Jane was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). 

“Mark had to go home and tell our little girls – then four and seven – that something was wrong with Mummy’s blood. He had to explain that I was going to have to stay in hospital over Christmas and take medicine that would make me feel sick."

After several rounds of chemotherapy, Jane went into remission in April 2015 but soon relapsed. She needed a stem cell transplant. Luckily, her sister was a match. Thanks to Bloodwise-funded research, the transplant was successful.

Although the procedure went smoothly, Jane now has Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD) caused by some of her sister’s immune cells attacking her cells. She is in pain from mucositis, had pneumonia earlier this year and now has problems with her eyes.

But this Christmas, for the first time since 2014, Jane is determined that the whole family will get to celebrate together at home.

An appeal to you from Jane

“Thanks to research funded by Bloodwise, doctors were able to identify that I was in danger of relapsing, so I could be selected as early as possible for a life-saving stem cell transplant."

"Donations made to Bloodwise are doing so much good, whether they go to funding life transforming research projects – like the one that led to my successful transplant – or to help families adjust to news of a blood cancer diagnosis."

"Please will you give whatever you can to help this Christmas?"

Please give what you can this Christmas

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