How Simon Thomas is helping us beat blood cancer

As a President of Bloodwise, Simon Thomas has launched the Gemma Thomas Fund in memory of his wife

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The former Sky Sports and Blue Peter presenter lost his wife to acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) suddenly in November 2017. The Gemma Thomas Fund will invest money into research on AML to prevent other families suffering such devastating loss. Survival rates for this aggressive type of blood cancer are shockingly low, with just 15% of people surviving for five years or more.

Simon became a President of Bloodwise in 2018 and will take part in an ambitious, 30-day challenge in September 2019 to raise awareness and funds as part of Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

The Gemma Thomas Fund

Gemma had flu-like symptoms. She visited her GP three times over the course of six days and each time, she was told to go home and rest. After she was finally admitted to hospital, she died from acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) just four days later, on 24 November 2017.

Simon and Bloodwise have set up the Gemma Thomas Fund to invest in research projects which focus on improving understanding of AML and its relationship with other blood cancers, and finding more effective treatments for the disease. We’re determined that Gemma's fund will create a lasting legacy that improves the lives of others affected by blood cancer.

Any donation you're able to give will go towards vital research.

  • £50 will pay for the RNA sequencing of one tumour sample
  • £100 will fund a PhD student to study AML for one day
  • £500 will fund two weeks' worth of essential supplies for an AML lab
  • £1,500 will pay for technology that allows AML researchers to identify signals that drive cancer
  • £5,000 will give researchers access to data of everyone who's been diagnosed with AML in the UK

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