Host a quiz

17 Feb 2016

Hold a quiz in a local pub or club for you and your friends.

Quiz tips

  1. Pick a date and time, and book a venue which can both accommodate your teams, and provide the necessary catering facilities.
  2. Appoint a witty, confident quizmaster, with a few assistants to oversee the scoring. You'll also need a microphone or PA system and a CD/MP3 player. Keep a scoreboard - could be a flip-chart or whiteboard, for example - so that everyone can see who's in the lead after each round.
  3. Confirm the quiz format - how many rounds? What themes will you have? Tailor the quiz to suit your audience, making it inclusive for those families from different cultural backgrounds. If you're running a family quiz, ensure that each round has a few questions that the children can answer. There are numerous sites offering quiz questions - try or
  4. Publicise the event as much as you can in the lead in up to it. Creat an event on Facebook, email your friends and colleagues and put up posters in the pub, club and local area.
  5. Make and print out some quiz posters using our template tool
  6. For buckets, collection tins and tshirts contact us at

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to set up your own quiz, please drop us an email.

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