03 Jan 2015

Blogging is a great way to keep people up to date about how you’re doing. Each time you post a new blog you can share it on your social media channels, so people are reminded about what you’re doing, and given new incentives to donate.

You can sign up for a blog on our website here.

Ideas for blog posts:

  • If you’re preparing for a sporting challenge, post an entry about a particularly difficult training session you’ve been through, to show how hard you’re working!
  • If you’re fundraising because of a personal connection with blood cancer, a blog post about your experience with the disease will help explain why people’s donations are important.
  • If you’re fundraising in support of a friend or family member, perhaps they might like to write a few words, post a message from them and all their friends and family will be encouraged to donate.
  • If you hold a fundraising event like a bake sale, post a blog to share how well it did.
  • You could publish a short post publicly thanking by name people who have made generous donations. Your supporters will feel appreciated, and others will be encouraged to chip in too.
  • Tell people where their money is going. You can write a post to highlight how Bloodwise are making a difference to patients with the blood cancer that you’re most passionate about beating. We’ll happily provide you with some inspiring information, and you can find some great examples on our research pages. Take a look through our latest research blogs for recent programmes and breakthroughs.
  • Once your challenge is done, don’t forget a post about how it went, include a link for people to donate and point out that ‘there’s still time to donate!’

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