Recycle in your office

01 Nov 2016

Why not have a chat with your employer and see if your company will get involved by recycling their ink cartridges for charity.

It's really easy - just get your office to pop empty ink catridges into a recycling box. When it's full, just give ‘Empties Please’ a call, who will pick them up and send you a cheque. It’s as simple as that!

For every INK cartridge ‘Empties Please’ will donate up to £1.75.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1
Either email or call 0844 879 7179 to get started, stating that you would like to raise funds for Bloodwise.

Step 2
Empties Please’ will supply you with a recycle bin and charity starter pack.

Step 3
Once your bin is full contact ‘Empties Please’ who will collect it free of charge and post out a new recycle bin.

Step 4
Start collecting your used ink cartridges in the recycle bin provided.

Step 5
Empties Please’ will process the cartridges at their warehouse.

Step 6
Empties Please’ will send you a certificate for the total raised and make the payment directly to Bloodwise.

If you would like to find out more about the scheme please click here

*PLEASE NOTE* – ‘Empties Please’ are unable to recycle all Ink cartridges. Please check here for further details.

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