How your gift will change lives

19 Aug 2015

Our world-leading research relies on the gifts of people like you, and by making a major gift you could help create the next big blood cancer breakthrough.

£10,000 could help support a PhD researcher so that they make breakthrough after breakthrough.

£20,000 could run the national childhood leukaemia trial, UKALL 2011, for a month, supporting dedicated staff to recruit and monitor patients and to collect and analyse lots of data to improve how we treat children with the most common type of childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Thanks to UKALL trials, patients have been able to have a more personalised treatment, with fewer patients relapsing, and long-term survival rates have increased from around 65% to over 90% in the last 30 years.

£50,000 could help run one the clinical trials at of our 13 TAP centres for a year, by staffing the centre with people like research nurses, trial coordinators or pharmacy workers. You’d be helping us meet the need of patients at each local centre, so that patients can have access to the newest potential treatments.

Please contact Alice Pink on email - or by calling 020 7504 2239 to see how your donation could change the lives of people affected by blood cancer.

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