How to leave a gift in your Will

23 Jul 2017

Without gifts in Wills from our generous supporters, we quite literally couldn’t do what we do

Gifts in a Wills – no matter the size – help to change the lives of people affected by blood cancer. It could be the most important gift you’ve ever given.

Every 14 minutes, someone in the UK is given the news that they have blood cancer.

Since 1960, we’ve made incredible progress towards beating blood cancer. When we first started, barely 1 in 10 children survived the most common form of childhood cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). Today, thanks to research funded by generous supporters like you, 9 in 10 children survive this disease.

But we can’t yet say this for every type of blood cancer. And some of the treatments patients have at the moment have harsh side effects, which can have a big impact on their lives.

Together, we can make sure that every blood cancer patient survives and can go on to live their life to the full.

Bloodwise doesn’t receive any government funding, and gifts in Wills make up more than a third of our income every year. So without the gifts people like you leave in their Will, we simply couldn’t do what we do.

Your gift will transform lives

If you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your Will, it would be great to meet you at one of our legacy events. We hold them in venues across the country, and you’ll be able to hear more about our work and the difference your gift would make.

If you decide to leave a gift in your Will, we want you to be able to see this in action and how better than to visit one of our Centres of Excellence around the country. You’ll be able to speak with some of our dedicated researchers and see how your gift towards their ground-breaking research will change the lives of patients.

An elderly couple meet a scientist in a laboratory

Gift of property

If you'd like to make a gift of a house or another kind of property donation, please get in touch with our Legacy Manager.

Our free Will-writing guide

For a copy of our Will-writing guide or to find out more about legacy events and Centre of Excellence tours please contact our Legacy Manager or phone us on 020 7504 2258.

Will writing services

We've partnered with some Will writing services who can help you make a Will for the first time or make changes to your current Will. If you use either of these services, you don’t have to leave a gift to Bloodwise in your Will, but if you choose to, together we’ll support ground-breaking research which changes patients’ lives.

The Goodwill Partnership

We’ve teamed up with The Goodwill Partnership to ensure that making your Will is simple and convenient. The Goodwill Partnership offer a trusted Will writing service to people living in England and Wales, with an appointment in your own home at a time that suits you – daytime, evenings or weekends. They offer the lowest price for a face-to-face Will-writing service in England and Wales.

Visit the Goodwill Partnership website or call 01482 816 947 for more info.

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