Developing a new test to predict the outcome of people with CLL

Lead researcher - Professor Duncan Baird, Cardiff University
Telomeric prognostics
Amount awarded: £149,784
Award start date: 01 Mar 2016
Award duration: 3 years

People with a diagnosis of cancer face an uncertain future; the majority of cancer types exhibit heterogeneous outcomes for survival and the requirement for aggressive chemotherapies. This is particularly true of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) where some patients succumb rapidly to their disease, whereas others can live for decades with the burden of cancer. We have developed a test that can predict the outcome for CLL patients at the individual level, providing increased certainty for patients, that was hitherto impossible to achieve.  Our test allows us to identify patients who will require treatment early and those who will not. In addition, our test can also predict the response of patients to treatments.  This test also shows clinical utility in other haematological malignancies, including myleodysplasic syndromes, and therefore will provide a wider patient benefit.
This project aims to set up a testing facility in South Wales to bring this test to patients and demonstrate the clinical impact of our Bloodwise-funded research.