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31 Aug 2015

We'll align our medical research investment to what we've found out

In our most recent round of funding, we committed new investments of £6 million in the biggest killers:

  • We have nine new research projects focusing on some of the biggest killers: diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).
  • Two further projects are aiming to tackle graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), a life-threatening complication following a stem cell transplant (a treatment option for some AML, MDS, myeloma, DLBCL and CLL patients).
  • Two of our six existing AML projects are addressing both AML and MDS together, which may help us prevent MDS developing into AML.

We normally have three rounds of funding every year. 

These, with our other research projects, ensure that we:

  • continue to build on our vital biological understanding and clinical research across the biggest killers.
  • gain further understanding about the early loss of lives in DLBCL and AML.
  • develop a better understanding of the development of myeloma from MGUS.
  • extend our AML research focus into a shared MDS and AML focus, and include investigation in to prevention where possible.

We'll continue to work with our expert committees and engage proactively with the research community to promote our new strategic focuses and to ensure that our research has translational potential in the short-, medium- and long-term. We also recognise that it’s important to keep an element of our research spend to react to new ideas.

We’ll set up a blood cancer signposting service

We’re already working to deliver a blood cancer signposting service, which will be fully launched in 2016. 

  • It'll be authoritative, reliable and a comprehensive source, aggregating information from many organisations that can help patients.
  • It'll be more than a directory; it will reflect the 24 issues that our research has uncovered and will be a trustworthy place for health professionals to recommend.
  • It'll be largely a digital solution, but with an important human element to help patients and support navigation.
  • It needs a collaborative approach to amplify all that we offer together. We are already talking to Leukaemia Care, Anthony Nolan, Lymphoma Association, Delete Blood Cancer, African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust and Maggie’s – and that’s just for starters.

We want to creat a clearly defined, collaborative adnd accessible blood cancer sector, so that everyon who is afefcted by blood cancer cxan get the help and support they need, when they need it. 

We’ve launched a blood cancer awareness campaign

We now have the quantitative and qualitative data that leaves us in no doubt at all that there’s a crisis in awareness of blood cancers and their symptoms.

That’s why, in September 2015, for Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we created a major public health campaign dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of blood cancers – the UK’s biggest ever blood cancer awareness campaign.

  • We’ve launched an advertising campaign across the country, with our message that there are 137 different types of blood cancer and that we’re here to beat every single one. That way, everyone affected by blood cancer will know that we’re here to help, and support them.
  • Our social media campaign will reach millions – all while being cost effective.
  • Our Medical & Nursing Advisory Panels have advised us on messaging, and we talked to patients to make sure we got it right.
  • Our volunteers, patients and health professionals throughout the UK will be involved.

We're excited to be bringing our blood cancer awareness campaign to the general public and making sure that everyone across the UK know about blood cancer and why it's important.

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