13 Aug 2015

Cancer52 is an alliance of 80 organisations that work to ensure a better future for everyone affected by the rare and less common cancers, which account for more than half of all cancer deaths in the UK.

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Cancer52 aims to promote improved diagnosis, treatment and support for those affected by rare and less common cancers, leading to improved quality of life and increased survival.

They work on matters that impact on the rare and less common cancer community – defined as all cancers outside the ‘big four’ of breast, prostate, lung and bowel, as current data shows that 46% of cancers diagnosed are rare and less common cancers, yet they account for 54% of cancer deaths.

Cancer52 aims to:

  • unify and empower member organisations
  • use their unique membership structure to capture the patient voice of those with rare and less common cancers
  • take that voice on to those bodies and individuals who influence cancer policy, science, clinical outputs, services, and treatment

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