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Lutterworth and District Branch

A Charity Shop Like No Other... Welcome to The Lutterworth & District Branch

Lutterworth & District Branch have two charity shops run by a team of staff over 60 volunteers.  

Most people think a charity shop is a place to avoid, with worn out items for sale, a musty odour and nothing more to do but walk-in and then steadily out. These people need to visit the Bloodwise Charity Shops in Lutterworth.

The Lutterworth Branch started 45 years ago with a local family who like most Branches at the time had a child diagnosed with childhood leukaemia at two years old. Thankfully this was not a sad ending and the Branch flourished over the following years. What started out as the usual Branch activities of jumble sales and coffee mornings, they grew from strength to strength.

When the chance came to run a shop for a six week period 16 years ago, Chris Ingham M B E (Chairperson) and Mo Sheasby (Vice) for the Lutterworth & District Branch saw an opportunity too good to be missed. With great support from friends and family as well as local people keen to volunteer, the shop did brilliantly over this time, raising vital funds and most importantly, increasing the profile of our amazing charity in the local area.

By 2008 a new premises for the shop was found due to its popularity and the huge amount of stock that was kindly being donated each and every day. The items on offer vary from toiletries, fabric, clothing, housewares and a huge variety of children’s toys to name the least. The word treasure chest is definitely the correct word to describe the shop.

Mo, Chris, her daughter Lesley Caffrey, and Ann Everett realised the need to expand into bigger premises, so in 2008 they moved into a bigger better shop. Not only was the Branch holding their own fundraising events during the year, but they opened separate furniture and book shop yards away from the main store.

Both Chris and Lesley will agree on how vital their army of volunteers are to the success of the shops and the Branch. They now have over 60 volunteers aged between 14 and 93 who help out either in the shops or are members of the Branch. “Our volunteers are the best in the world” says Chris. “They are all like a close family and we hold regular social events to reward their hard work and commitment to the charity”.

If you would like to get involved and live in the Lutterworth area you can visit the shop and speak to one of the friendly staff or ask to speak to Chris or Lesley. They are there to give you all sorts of advice on holding your own event, joining the Branch or if you would like to become a volunteer. Whatever your question, all you have to do is ask!

For more information call 01455 556649.

Branch Activities

Manheim cheque presentation from members of the group Jodie Mclean, Leah Payne, Robert Darlington, Jordan Bilson to Chris Ingham MBE and Lesley Caffrey from Bloodwise Lutterworth Shop.

Thank you to the Manheim Group. This very hard working team from Manheim Bruntingthorpe worked tirelessly raising funds by car auctions, tandem skydive and competing in the Midlands Wolfe run. These activities raised a staggering £6,124.00!

The intrepid bunch who completed the Skydive Marcus Garner, Jodie Mclean, Jordan Bilson.

This is the amazing team from Lutterworth who have volunteered for us over the past few years and wanted to do something to help raise funds. So they decided to jump out of a plane doing a tandem skydive to raise the money for Bloodwise. They raised over £1,500.00 between them. So thank you Beth Chamberlain, Ben Fisher and Dan Mould so much for raising this amount.

Thank you Stephen Lynch for running the Ironman event last year who raised over £300.00 for Bloodwise the blood cancer research charity.

Over 78 of our volunteers got together for a great Christmas party.

Could you do this? 

Do you fancy competing in a Wolf run or Reaper Run? Or throwing yourself out of a plane in a tandem sky dive?

If so we can help you, with sponsor forms, just giving pages, T-shirts etc.

We will give you a certificate to show how much money you have raised to prove you have completed the event.

Please call the Lutterworth & District Branch on 01455 556649 for more information.

Chris Ingham MBE
Contact for Lutterworth and District Branch

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